Rough Draft Paper 2

SugrueCowie rough




Bryan Romero

Dr. Rees

History 304


Rough draft: Sugrue/Cowie

The question for Paper #2 is Using Cowie and Sugrue as your guides, explain which concept was more important for understanding American history after 1945:  Race or class?  Explain.

            Class is by far the most important for understanding American history. Class versus race has and will always be a highly debated topic. It is clear however, that class has contributed the bigger impact which is presented in the books Stayin’ Alive written Jefferson Cowie and Origins of Urban Crisis by Thomas Sugrue. The three presented reasons for this are political suppression, real estate prejudice by the wealthy, and the declination of unions. Each of these is evident throughout the timelines of these books. Some questions to keep in mind as the main question is answered are, “How big of an impact did this reason have?” and “Was this more racially based or economically based?”


Research Topic

Do program’s like public assistance help or do they crutch? Has the United States citizen benefited or been crippled?

Questions 3/2/16

  1. Can politics blamed all suppression the black race?
  2. Can politics be blamed for the fall of Detroit or are there other key factors that played a bigger role?
  3. Can a place like Detroit be saved through simple change or will it take drastic measure and reform?

Questions 2/1/2016

  1. Why is the move to the north more lucrative, than say a move west?
  2. If the reward of no slavery, but no new jobs were available in the north would the great migration still have taken place?
  3. Do you believe the great migration is still having a profound effect on these areas today?